Quality Metrics for the arts looking out for the Emperor’s new clothes…

In 2017 Hull will be awash with publicly funded and commercial art, here are some ways to look at the quality of the work on offer – straight from the Arts Council.

The core quality metrics

Self, peer and public:

  • Concept: it was an interesting idea
  • Presentation: it was well produced and presented
  • Distinctiveness: it was different from things I’ve experienced before
  • Challenge: it was thought-provoking
  • Captivation: it was absorbing and held my attention
  • Enthusiasm: I would come to something like this again
  • Local impact: it is important that it’s happening here
  • Relevance: it has something to say about the world in which we live
  • Rigour: it was well thought through and put together

Self and peer only:

  • Originality: it was ground-breaking
  • Risk: the artists/curators really challenged themselves
  • Excellence: it is one of the best examples of its type that I have seen

For more info click on the link http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/quality-metrics/quality-metrics

Q. What is Quality Metrics?

A. Quality Metrics is a sector-led metrics framework that uses self, peer and public assessment to capture the quality of arts and cultural work.

Q. How does it work?

A. The Quality Metrics are a core set of statements developed by arts and culture organisations that describe the components of quality artistic and cultural work. They are publically available and free for anyone to use. To date, the metrics have been administered through a digital platform called Culture Counts which allows organisations to collect, analyse and share self, peer and public feedback on their events, exhibitions or performances in real time and using the same scale across the sector.

Q. To what extent has the work been sector led?

A. The project has been entirely sector led; with funding support from Arts Council England linked directly to our strategy and Goal 1 in particular- excellence; with the ambition to support a sector-led project that could positively impact on the wider arts and cultural sector in England.

Q. How do Quality Metrics fit alongside the Arts Council’s existing self assessment framework and peer review practices?

A. The Quality Metrics sit alongside other ways of assessing quality, for example the Self Evaluation Framework and our Artistic & Quality Assessment programme, providing artists and organisations with another tool to help them understand and talk about the quality of their work.

Q. Where has it come from?

A. The work takes its inspiration from a project initiated in 2010 by the Department of Culture and the Arts in Western Australia, which commissioned consultants John 2 Knell of Intelligence Agency and Michael Chappell of Pracsys Economics to work with arts organisations to develop a system that would help them understand the public value of arts and culture.

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