Diverse-city Moth

Here I am pictured with Diverse-city Moth which is positioned opposite the Open Doors Project which supports refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants. The moth is situated on the wall of Fudge just off Prince’s Avenue on Blenheim street so that all the members of the Open Doors Community can get to see their moth. You can find out more about Open Doors herehttps://thestrangerstale.com/

A little bit of information about the process of creating the moth I initially pitched the idea of creating the moth to Bashir Shiraj the project co-ordinator for the Open Doors Project who thought it was a great idea. So I approached Rick to see if the Amy Johnson Festival would like an Open Doors Moth, he was very receptive to the idea and helped to find a sponsor for the art work.

Then came the tricky business of embodying the spirit of a community in a visual way …

Asking people from Open Doors to draw and write on the figure templates at Open Doors and turning them into the graphic designs on each figure.

Artist and Open Doors volunteer Jean Rippon giving me a hand to paint Diverse-city moth


To find out more about the Open Doors Community visit https://thestrangerstale.com/

location: Fudge, Princes Avenue, HU5 3QP

About the Design:
The design concept was developed through a period of consultation with the Open Doors Community during which the idea of linked hands emerged as a key motif. The group wanted to celebrate and show respect for differences in the community members.

The idea of sunshine, clear skies and freedom influenced the design, leading to the idea of the linked hands of paper chain people. Each paper chain person has their own symbol and colour, representing what Open Doors means to them. The clear blue skies can be seen symbolising freedom in the background, and the sunrise orange in the moth’s orange head symbolises eternally renewing hope.

About the Artists:
Quentin Budworth is a Bridlington based artist, primarily working with photography and music. He is interested in storytelling, perception and imagination, and seeing his work displayed in places where interesting things can happen. Jean is a member of the Open Doors community.

About the Sponsor:
The Open Doors project is a community led organisation which aims to help asylum seekers and refugees in Hull, by integrating them into local society to live independently and confidently. Its members contribute by becoming part of the project to help others as well as accessing its service and maintaining the Open Doors community approach.

The project works to provide resources and classes, as well as advice and support for migrant workers. The project hosts coffee mornings and helps to provide clothes and food for those in need. http://opendoors-hull.org.uk/