Hullywood Icons

Quentin Budworth

Lens based Artist Quentin Budworth is looking for participants locations and venues for an exciting visual arts project happening in Hull in 2017. Hullywood Icons will recreate iconic moments from Hollywood films with the people of Hull in the City of Hull. The work will be exhibited prominently throughout the city and be featured in the media.

There are several ways to be involved with the project:

Participation in the project as a subject – I need to know which character, from which Film? Which scene you would like to appear in?

Use of venue as possible location for a shoot.

Offer of exhibition space.

Use of external walls for exhibition/projection work.


If you would like to be involved contact me



The Changing Face Of Hull

The Changing Face of Hull – call for participants in arts project in Hull

Led by Artist Quentin Budworth – with second photographer Rebecca Robyns. ‘The Changing Face Of Hull’ will work with people who live in Hull to explore ideas of self, city and shared identity.

The next few months bring opportunities to participate in workshops, collaborate and co-author your portrait image to create a unique video artwork. We will also be recording audio of the sittings and image making dialogue as a part of the soundtrack for the exhibition projection.

If you want to participate in the project join our mailing list – email or call Quentin on 07877434739.

There is a website – specifically dedicated to this project you can find it here http://thechangingface.org194View Post

Pictured above Steve Elliott from Iota Arts.

The Fight For Freedom

The Fight For Freedom is a video art piece made from a series of co-authored animated films created by children from Maybury, Stockwell, Thorpe Park and Biggin Hill Primary Schools in Hull led by  award winning artist and filmmaker Quentin Budworth.

The animated video is based on the theme of the ‘Fight For Freedom’ within the narratives and history of the transatlantic slave trade. The  films explore  these issues using light and shadow, narrative and music.

Over eighty year five children actively contributed to the creation of this work.

The work was exhibited at The Wise Institute on the Old High Street in Hull on the 4th and 5th of September 2014 as part of The Freedom Light Trail.

‘The Fight For Freedom’ is part of The Freedom Festival and Roots & Wings Joint Commissions ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’ Site Specific Commissions Programme 2014

Hull City Of Culture 2017

Hats off to Hull and congratulations to all the people who fought so hard to win the bid for city of culture – Its a fantastic achievement and great news for the city.

A few years ago I was commissioned by the larkin 25 Festival to produce a monograph based on Larkin’s poem ‘Here’ which is about Hull and the East Riding in it I sought to create images that matched, mirrored and commented on Larkin’s poem. You can see the exhibition online  here