Big Painting – Decorative panels at Musicport

Great excitement this weekend as Musicport Festival sprung into life at The Pavillion in Whitby – musicians from all over the world came to play their music to excited crowds. As part of the festival a series of visual arts workshops took place with Primary School children from Whitby notably West Cliff School Primary and Airy Hill Primary – The giant boards had to be prepared and drawn up from elements of the children’s designs prior to the saturday and sunday painting workshops led by Whitby based fine artist Bridget Wilkinson and myself.

A fine time was had by all with the children showing remarkable levels of concentration throughout the workshops The children from West Cliff worked on the Jelly Fish with Bridget and I worked with the Airy Hill Children on the giant octopus.

The panels will join the 6 other panels completed by Whitby school children last year on permanent display at Whitby Pavillion.

Peters Map Queens Gardens, Hull

I was commissioned by Artlink in Hull to carry out this work a large scale public drawing event. Based on Peters Map – this is what happened ……

The earth is round. The challenge of any world map is to represent a round earth on a flat surface.  Peters Map tries to redress this issue – by showing us an area accurate map of the world – of course in Peters Map Europe is still in the middle at the top – a legacy of the Eurocentric view of the world dominated by western culture and thinking. These were just some of the issues that came up for discussion – with participants in this map drawing event – my friend the illustrator and educator Gareth Sleightholme suggested that if you placed the Pacific ocean in the middle you would have a more representative and less hierarchical map – which I tend to agree with.

So lots of people joined in the map making process – here are some pictures of the days events – here are some images from the event

Big Drawing – Mapping A City

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‘I love drawing and co-authored artworks  ‘Big Drawing’ is a logical development of these two passions- I really enjoy the challenge of devising and facilitating ‘Big Drawing’ projects they are a great way to promote drawing as an activity, encourage co-operation, have fun, participate in an arts activity, and with a little thought they can help develop and encourage a community to work think, talk and reflect together’.
Quentin Budworth – Champion for Drawing 

Early in September 2011 I was asked to create a Big Drawing at Artlink in Hull to launch their ‘ Making Marks Exhibition. I asked the public to create a drawing  of Hull’s best bits the most beautiful, quirky, naughty, nice and memorable parts of the city.

The finished drawing was a very human map of  Hull and people’s feelings about their City – contributors used chalks and charcoal to make a large scale drawing on a wall in the gallery so there was no need to feel nervous about drawing directly onto the wall as they could rub out and re-draw any bits they were unhappy with. Participants were also are invited to add to the drawing throughout the course of the exhibition through the local press and radio.

What was really surprising and delightful was the enthusiasm of the participants, the excitement and creativity in the room – everyone looked at the Making Marks exhibition and contributed to the Map of Hull.

In September 2011, Artlink did a call out for an artist to use a wall within the gallery to begin a drawing relating to the theme of the ’Making Marks’ exhibition which visitors would be encouraged to continue. Quentin took up this task and developed a project to encourage the public to assist in a drawing of Hull’s best bits; creating a human map of Hull, using chalk and charcoal. The response to this project has been fantastic, and as such the wall used was completely filled with individual drawings from people aged 3 – 80. Artlink would definitely support Quentin if he were to propose a similar project, as his enthusiasm and encouragement on the preview night was highly commendable.

Emma Dolman – Gallery Development Worker – Artlink, Hull